NKU Technopark has been selected the 3rd Early Phase Technopark in the 5. Technology Development Zones Summit that is held by Directorate General for Science and Technology

In order to receive the prize for being the 3rd Early Phase Technopark Technology Development Area our Rector Prof Dr. Osman Şimşek and General Director of Technopark Inc. Bülent Eker participated in the 5. Technology Development Zones Summit that is held in Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center attended with the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Faruk Özlü.

Minister Özlü remarked that  "High Technology" is Turkey's motto and made the following evaluations;

" Level of development determine the countries' competitive power. For this reason, we are building our industrialization policy in an integrated manner with technology and innovation.  We are developing our own original technologies and domestic technical capacity which is literally 'high technology mobilization'. High technology mobilization is a very important part of Turkey's 2023 goals. I invite all the business world, universities and entrepreneurs to participate in this campaign make a contribution to this action. I believe our Technology Development Areas will play a very important mission to this high-tech mobilization. "

After the prize-giving ceremony, Minister Özlü has visited theTechnology Development Areas booths.


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